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9 Things to Check Off Your Boating Bucket List

If you’re an avid boater, chances are you have a bucket list full of places and activities you want to experience while on the water.    

Whether you’re a new boat owner or just looking for inspiration, here are nine fun and adventurous must-do items that need to be on every boater’s bucket list. Create some unforgettable experiences and begin to check these off your boating bucket list now!   

Cast some lines.

Fishing is one of the most popular activities to do on a boat.       

And it’s no wonder why! Whether you have a bowriderbass boat, or center console, there’s nothing quite like spending the day on the water trying to reel in the day’s catch. If you’re looking for something extra special, consider going deep-sea fishing or relaxing on the river. Whatever spot you choose, don’t forget your tackle box and bait!    

Improve your docking skills.

For most boaters, docking a boat is a massive source of anxiety and stress.    

Very few people actually enjoy docking, especially during a busy holiday weekend. Boaters will be overwhelmed if they have yet to take the time to practice the skills that go along with this task. Docking is all about staying calm and making close-quarters maneuvers. These things can be practiced on open waters when nobody is around. Make it a priority to add that practice time into your schedule. Once you feel more comfortable with the process, bring the boat to an actual dock and spend some time practicing there.   


Explore some uncharted waters.

If you’ve been visiting the same body of water for years, why not mix it up and explore a new one?   

Change things up by researching nearby lakes, rivers, and Intracoastal waterways to find the perfect body of water you want to investigate. You’ll be able to experience different scenery, discover new activities, and meet other boaters in the area. Plus, if you visit a local state park or campground, they often have amenities like picnic tables or grills so that you can make it a day trip!    

Take a boating class.

If you already know the basics of boating, that’s great – you are already on the right track.   

However, there are some organizations that offer upper-level educational options for boaters with bucket list dreams of learning more. There are seminars and online courses about the weather, navigation, cruise planning, marine electrical systems, tying knots, anchoring, and other boating specifics.    

Raft up.

Rafting up at the local sandbar is one of the most social things we can do on our boats.    

Tying up with other boats is like a neighborhood party on the water. You can relax with other adults while the kids swim themselves to exhaustion.  

Check out a boat show.

To get a hands-on feel before buying a boat, you should attend a boat show.    

There are big national shows like the Miami International Boat Show, but you’ll also find many regional shows that will make the bucket list cut. Whatever the boat show format, you can find everything about boats, from boating accessories to financing, marine insurance, and more. And, most importantly, you’ll be surrounded by people like you, who love the boating life!  

Check out Discover Boating to see Boat Shows scheduled for 2023!

Go stargazing.

Stargazing from a boat has an indescribable, unique charm.   

It can feel like the stars are within reach when surrounded by darkness and calm waters at night. Remember to bring blankets, some drinks, and snacks so you can stay warm and cozy while admiring the night sky from the comfort of your boat!    

Boat in the fall.

Boating in the fall is a rite of passage that every boater must experience.    

Fall boating is the perfect escape into the crisp air and provides a reprieve from the harsh rays of summer. From fall fishing to beach bonfires, there are plenty of reasons to keep boating as the seasons change.    

Join a Christmas parade.

If you live near a body of water that doesn’t freeze over in the winter, chances are will be a Christmas boat parade nearby.    

Nothing will get you in the holiday spirit more than a holiday flotilla. They’re fun to watch, but decorating your boat and joining in on the flotilla fun is even more exciting.   

Whether you’ve been a boat owner for years or just purchased your first, boating is the perfect way to get outside and enjoy nature. So many unique experiences come with being out on the water. From fishing to sporting to exploring, there’s something for everyone. So, get out there, start making memories with friends and family, and check those items off your bucket list.