Selling your boat can be an intimidating process. You need to know how to get the most value for your boat, how and where to best market it, and then there’s all the details and paperwork. It’s a lot you need to know, a lot to consider, and a lot of potential pitfalls.

To ensure the sale of your boat goes smoothly and that you get the most value for it, put the job in the hands of trusted professionals. With over $100 million in transactions over the years our team of brokers are experienced, creative and exceptionally effective, and they’ll make sure the sale of your boat is done right, at the highest value possible and the often delicate and uncomfortable negotiation process is smooth and easy.

The key to selling your boat is an effective marketing plan that is dynamic, innovative and puts your boat in front of the right buyers. In today’s high tech world of globalization and digital access e-commerce words like SEO, Digital Marketing, and Google searches now encompass everyday business vocabulary.

Consumers can see pictures and search through thousands of yacht listings without leaving the comfort of their home or office. They don’t need a yacht broker to tell them what is out there. Buyers have the tools now to compare, contrast, and look at pricing and past history all from a couple mouse clicks at any time of day throughout the world. Ocean Blue Yacht Sales brokers will create a marketing plan that will give your boat much greater exposure than you’d get from just an online want ads site. Using such avenues as social media, print and online advertising, newsletters, e-blasts and much more, our marketing plans are designed to target the right buyer for your boat. With decades of combined professional experience in the industry, listing with Ocean Blue Yacht Sales will greatly improve your chances of selling your vessel.

Our Services Include:

In-depth Analysis

  • Initial visual assessment
  • In depth market study and valuation
  • Mechanical and component inspection
  • Strategies to help sell your boat faster

We Handle the Process

  • Keeping you informed with regular updates
  • Qualify prospective buyers
  • Handle showings, surveys and sea trials
  • Handle the sales process and closing of your deal

Marketing Your Vessel

  • List your boat on multiple MLS sites
  • List your boat on Ocean Blue Yacht Sales site
  • Market your boat through digital marketing campaigns to a large audience

Parts & Service Discounts

  • Offer discounts on parts and service to get your boat in best possible condition